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January 03, 2007

Looking Back at 2006

This is the first Oxygen of the year 2007 and it is but imperative that we start the year by looking at television viewership for the year gone by. Figure 1 clearly exhibits the morning, afternoon and evening peaks in terms of Homes Using Television (HUT). 10:00, 13:30 and 21:30 dayparts clearly are the three points where the viewing peaks. Total usage of television is expressed in terms of homes using television (HUT), which is expressed as the ratings for all cable homes for all viewing put together (total usage).

Total Usage

Figure 1: Homes Using Television (30 min. time slice, Monthly Average, All Cable Homes, Total Usage, NWE, aMap)

6:00 AM daypart is the most consistent daypart whereas, 21:30 daypart shows the most significant variations (figure 2). Viewership in this daypart shows a slight decline in the months of August and September after which it picks up from October onwards. The 10:00 and 17:30 daypart are in steady decline where as 13:30 and 22:30 dayparts are showing an upward trend towards the end of the year.

Homes Using Televisions

Figure 2: Some key dayparts and their performance over the last half of 2006 (30 min. time slice, Monthly Average, All Cable Homes, Total Usage, NWE, aMap)

The performance of Mass Entertainment, Hindi Movie Channels and Hindi News Channels in the last Quarter of 2006.

Commercial Ratings

In this issue we have analyzed advertising breaks across three Mass Entertainment channels and the facts that come out clearly make the case for commercial ratings wherein both broadcasters as well as the advertisers trade in real currency, viz. actual number of viewers for each commercial.

Zee TV Kasam Se 1180 1016 -14
Zee TV Saat Phere 1608 1249 -22
Star Plus Kahanni Ghar Ghar Ki 2140 1854 -13
Star Plus Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi 2302 1857 -19
Sony Thodi Khushi Thode Gum 451 369 -18
Sony Bigg Boss 722 429 -41

Table 1: Avg. Programme and Ad Ratings in thousands and the difference (weekday avg.)

Zee Cinema Praan Jaave Par Shaan Na Jaye 180 97 -46
Zee Cinema Khuddar 277 145 -48
Set Max Golmaal 488 244 -50
Set Max Stuart Little 299 150 -34

Table 2: Average Movie and Ad Ratings in thousands and the difference

Table 2 and 3 clearly demonstrate that there is a steep drop in viewership of movie channels during the break as compared to the Mass Entertainment Channels. This is a result of longer breaks in movie channels as against shorter breaks in mass entertainment channels.

Second- by- Second Ratings

These play an increasing important role as is visible from figure3: where there is a 10% fall in ratings of the third spot as compared to the first spot which is a program promotion.

Break ratings indexed on the first spot in the break

Figure 3: Break ratings indexed on the first spot in the break

The importance of commercial ratings become evident in case of breaks on movie channels as depicted in figure 4, wherein fourth and fifth spot in the break loses 30 and 40% audiences respectively.

Break ratings indexed on the first spot in the break

Figure 4: Break ratings indexed on the first spot in the break

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